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About Us

Lutz Family Memorials LLC dba Schmidt Monument Works

It all started by pure fate,  I was working for a contractor in my hometown when I was 15 years old.  We were building a laundry mat for a man in Minneapolis, Kansas, named Frank. Now Frank liked the way I worked and first asked if I would help him finish the flooring in the laundry mat and install the machines. I also helped him on weekends mopping floors at the hospital.  Frank also sold tomb stones through a business called Robertson Monuments in Minneapolis and needed help setting the monuments in the cemetery. It just so happens that he bought his carved stones from a man in Hays.  And this is were it all started.

     In 1988 I started school at Fort Hays State University and Frank recommended me for employment at Schmidt Monument Works,  who was who carved his stones.  I worked for about a year while going to school.  School didn't seem right for me at that time so I took a job with an engineering outfit from Salina.  I traveled the United States with them for the next five years and ended up in Los Angeles, where  I met my wife and witnessed my first child being born.

     Raising a child in Los Angeles was scary to say the least, so we packed up and moved back to Hays.  I started school again and also worked at Schmidt Monuments and for Hays Medical Center.  I graduated  with a BA in psychology and off to Colorado I went with four children and my wife.

      We raised our children from there the next 14 years while I worked for  two monument companies in Colorado Springs and Black Forest.   Until one day when I got a call from Larry,  “do you want to buy the business?”   He asked.  And I said yes,  at the current time I was laid off for the fist time in my life and did not know what I was going to do.  This seemed like the perfect opportunity.  I came back here  to Hays in March of 2012 with no money and worked for Larry and Until Jan. 8th when I took over the business.  So here I am  New Owner Old Friend.

Over the 18 years that I have worked in this industry I have been taught by many people.  Each one of them fills a place in my heart in one way or another.  By combining the knowledge I have developed my own techniques and standards.  Many of my standards came from the old style of workmanship “ make it so it lasts”  monuments are meant to last for lifetimes.  When I create a monument I personally feel an honor for doing so.  This is why I continue the “To Honor A Lifetime For Life For Lifetimes To Come”

    My wish is that I can make your experience as pleasant and informational as possible so that you can make the best decision for your honoring of a Lifetime .

Christian Lutz

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